The South Carolina House Republican Caucus
The South Carolina House Republican Caucus
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Thank you for visiting the House Republican Caucus web site. The House Republicans had another successful election season in 2012, and we thank the voters of our state for increasing our majority by two members. We now have the largest Republican majority in the South Carolina House in more than 135 years.
SC Republican Caucus Blog
Legislative Investigation Launched into SCDOR Data Hacking
December 06, 2012 - 12:00 AM EST
(Columbia, SC) – In the wake of South Carolina’s biggest and most serious cyber infiltration of sensitive private citizen and business information, an official Legislative Investigation has been launched to find answers and make legislative recommendations on how our state can best address the many concerns this raises. With millions of our citizens’ and businesses’ most personal information now compromised, the public deserves full answers and solid reassurances that their identities are secure – and will remain secure – from the threat of fraud and abuse.

S.C. House Organizational Session
December 03, 2012 - 12:00 AM EST
Tomorrow marks the beginning of South Carolina’s 120th General Assembly. A Legislative Session spans two years with a new House elected every two years ... The newly elected General Assembly literally starts with a clean slate. While we have certified Members which the public has elected, there are technically no officers, rules, committees, or committee chairmen. These must be decided by the new General Assembly.

Gov’s Actions Highlight Need For Ethics Reform
August 22, 2012 - 12:00 AM EST
After accusations of ethics violations by then-Representative Haley came to light because of a complaint filed by a member of the public, these ethical issues spurred intensive debate and months of investigation. Following this exhaustive investigative process, unanswered questions still remained and a general discussion of pursuing ethics reform to clarify and solidify our state’s ethics laws ensued in both the House and the Senate. Today, in a lone effort lacking any Legislative notification or input, Governor Haley announced an ethics reform package centered on making actions similar to some of those she admitted to illegal.

Why are SC state Senators not acting like the Majority we elected?
June 26, 2012 - 12:00 AM EST
It’s no secret (except maybe to some in our state Senate) the more money that stays in the hands of small businesses, instead of the government, the more resources they will have to grow their business and create new jobs. And with SC’s unemployment rate climbing back above 9% this month, our businesses need this job-creating relief now.

SC Republican Caucus Press Releases
House Approves Sweeping Ethics Reform Package
April 30, 2013
COLUMBIA – The House overwhelmingly approved a package of ethics reforms today that are the biggest change in the state’s ethics laws in two decades.

Majority Leader Statement on Ethics Reform
April 23, 2013
“There are 124 opinions in the House about how to do ethics reform, and perfection is the enemy of good. On Thursday, we will come together, compromise, and work to pass an ethics law that will reflect the best values of our state.”

House GOP Leadership Statement on FOIA Reform
March 20, 2013
COLUMBIA – House Majority Leader Bruce Bannister and Assistant Majority Leader Gary Simrill issued the following joint statement about the FOIA Reform bill on Wednesday:

House Approves State Budget
March 13, 2013
COLUMBIA – The South Carolina House of Representatives gave final approval to the $6.3 billion state budget on Wednesday, while achieving three of our seven Caucus Agenda items for the 2013 session

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