The South Carolina House Republican Caucus
The South Carolina House Republican Caucus
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The South Carolina House Republican Caucus consists of all the Republican members of the State House of Representatives. Heading into the 2013 session, the GOP holds 77 of the 124 House seats, with one vacancy to be filled in March.

The members elect a new leadership following the general election of all members every two years. On December 4, 2012, the House elected Bruce Bannister of Greenville to be the 11th Republican Caucus leader and the sixth Republican Majority Leader.

History: Learn about the the history of the House Republican Caucus.

Leadership: Here you can find information on the Republican House leaders for the 2012-2013 legislative session.

Members - find information on the 2012 members of the House Republican Caucus.  (WILL BE UPDATED IN DECEMBER 2012 to reflect new office assignments, e-mails, and phone numbers.)

Staff: Here, you can find contact information for the House Republican Caucus support staff.

Contact Us: Here are links to e-mail us or call us to request more information.


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