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House Republican Caucus Record on Reform

Shortening Session
A Session Shortening Bill has passed the House 10 times since 1994, but has never passed the Senate.  House Republican believe its work can be accomplished in less time and save SC taxpayers money by doing so.
Transparency & Government Efficiency

The House Republican Caucus have cut government waste and have been advocates of responsible government through their support of transparency and accountability.
  • Roll Call Voting State Law (2011)       
    H. 3004 - Became Law
  • Higher Ed. Transparency Act (2011)
    H. 3185 - Passed House
  • Rep. Haley's Roll Call Voting Measures (2010 & 2009)
    H. 3047/Rule - Passed House
  • More Transparent Campaign Disclosure (2010)
    H. 3066 - Became Law
  • Commission to Streamline Government (2010)
    S. 897 - Passed House
  • Sunset Commission of Govt Programs (2008 & 2007)
    H. 3192/3024 - Passed House
  • Prevent National ID Card (2007)
    H. 3989/S. 449 - Became Law

Government Restructuring/Stronger Executive Branch
The House Republican Caucus has tried many times to Restructure and improve the way our government operates by passing several reforms that would return power to the Governor. In May 2012, the House GOP approved a measure that eliminated the Budget and Control Board and moved 90% of the money and staff to a new Department of Administration. 

  • Create Department of Administration (2011, 2010, 2008)
    H. 3066/3147/3590 - Senate non-concurred
  • Joint Election of Gov & Lt. Gov (2011 & 2009)
    H. 3152/3231 - Passed House & Senate
  • Const Officers Appointed by Gov (2011, 2008, 2005)
    H. 3070/4620/3011 - Passed House
  • Combine Dept. of PPP & COC (2011)
    H. 3267 - Passed House
Tax Cuts
The House Republican Caucus believes in lower taxes and smaller government.  Since gaining a majority, House Republicans have returned over $20 billion back to South Carolina taxpayers.  In 2007, this included a personal income tax cut which was a significant part of that year’s $221 million tax cut – the largest ever recurring tax cut in our state’s history.  Even during difficult budget times House Republicans have protected all these tax cuts, choosing to cut government spending instead of raising taxes.
  • SC Taxpayer Fairness Act (2011)
    H. 3419 - Passed House
  • Income Tax Flattening (2012)
    H. 4994 - Passed House
  • Small Business "Active Income" Tax Cut (2012)
    H. 4996 - Passed House
  • Elimination of the Corporate Income Tax (2010)
    H. 4478 - Passed House
  • Point of Sale Reform for Homeowners (2011, 2009, 2008)
    H. 3713/3272/4942 - Passed House
  • Elimination of Fire Sprinkler Tax (2008)
    H. 4470 - Became Law
  • Marriage Tax Cut (2008)
    H. 4550 - Passed House
  • Income Tax Cut & Elim of Food Tax (2007)
    S. 656 - Became Law
  • Cut Property Taxes by Half (2006)
    H. 4449/4450 - Became Law
  • Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (2006)
    H. 4800 - Became Law
  • Income Tax Reduction Act (2005)
    H. 3007 - Became Law

Limiting Government Spending

Controlling the growth of government and limiting spending are core fiscal conservative values.  Republican Leaders have approved balanced budgets every year and successfully held government growth to less than 3% a year – a rate which is even less than proposed spending caps.
  • Approved Balanced Budget - Every Year
  • Increase General Reserve Fund to 5% (2010)
    H. 3395/3396 - Became Law
  • Elimination of Hidden Earmark Spending (2008)
    House Rule/H. 4346 - Passed House
  • Spending Limits - Passed House 6 times in past dozen years

    Government Reform

    Inefficiencies and lack of accountability waste taxpayer dollars.  Government agencies must be held accountable and function efficiently to properly serve the people.  The House Republican Caucus has challenged the status quo by stepping in with conservative reforms to restore transparency and accountability.
    • Repeal Amendment (2011)
      H. 3507 - Passed House
    • Regulatory Reform Act (2011)
      H. 3226 - Passed House
    • ESC Reform/Dept. of Workforce (2010)
      H. 3442/S. 391 - Became Law
    • DUI Reform (2008)
      H. 3496 - Became Law
    • Workers’ Comp. Reform (2007)
      S. 332 - Became Law
    • Department of Transportation Reform (2007)
      S. 355 - Became Law

    Strong Economy & Jobs

    A strong private sector economy, driven by free markets, creates jobs and prosperity.  Getting government red tape out of the way of businesses is essential to growing a strong economy.  House Republicans have passed conservative legislation that allows businesses to grow and create new jobs.  We believe that the private sector – not government – needs to be the one that drives our state’s economic recovery.
    • Business Tort Reform (2011 & 2010)
      H. 3375/3489 - Passed House
    • Bill Wylie Entrepreneurship Act (2011)
      H. 3779 - Passed House
    • Economic Development Competitiveness Act (2010)
      H. 4478 - Became law
    • Small Business Red Tape Reduction Act (2009)
      H. 3882 - Passed House
    • Tort Reform (2005)
      H. 3008 - Became law

    Protecting Citizens' Rights
    Freedom and individual liberty are the founding principles that created America.  Those rights must be vigorously defended if we are to remain a successful free society.  The House Republican Caucus has always acted to protect the rights of our state’s people.
    • Must show picture ID to Vote (2011 & 2010)
      H. 3003/3418 - Became law (Currently held up by Federal Government)
    • Secret Ballot in Union Elections (2010)
      H. 3305 - Became law
    • 10th Amendment Bill & State’s Rights (2010)
      H. 3509 - Passed House
    • Second Amendment Protection Acts (2008)
      S. 1143/S. 1039 - Became law
    • Protect private property from Govt (Eminent Domain Reform) (2006)
      H. 4503/S. 1031 - Became law

    Illegal Immigration
    In 2008, the House Republican Caucus led in this effort and passed the strongest illegal immigration laws in the country.
    • Arizona-style Illegal Immigration Bill (2011)
      S. 20 - Passed House
    • Illegal Immigration Reform (2008)
      H. 4400 - Became law
    • Illegal Immigration Bills (2007)
      H. 3025/3032/3149 - Passed House
    • Illegal Aliens and Public Employment Act (2006)
      H. 5057 - Passed House
    Or, you can see a more expansive list of our achievements, sorted by year, below:


    Republican Caucus Achievements By Year 

    2012 Legislative Achievements
    Tax reform, shoring up the state retirement system, government restructuring, and school choice headline the House Republican Caucus' 2011-2012 legislative session achievements. But once again, frustration reigned supreme as the Senate refused to vote on government reform, lowering personal income taxes, or eliminating special-interest sales tax exemptions.

    2011 Legislative Achievements
    The House Republican Caucus finished our most ambitious agenda, passing 20 conservative reforms to position South Carolina for the future.

    2010 Legislative Achievements
    S.C. House Republican Caucus 2010 End of Session Report. 

    2009 Legislative Achievements
    S.C. House Republican Caucus 2009 End of Session Report.

    2008 Legislative Achievements
    The House Republican Caucus is committed to enacting a platform of conservative legislation that reflects the values we share with the people of South Carolina.

    2007 Legislative Achievements
    The House Republican Caucus pushed through the largest tax cut in South Carolina history, reformed the Department of Transportation, and reformed our state's workers' compensation system to cap off a successful 2007 session.

    2006 Legislative Achievements
    The House Republican Caucus approved sweeping reforms to our property tax system and protected private property from eminent domain as part of a successful 2006 legislative session.

    2005 Legislative Achievements
    The House Republicans rolled through the 116th Session of the state House, completing one of the most productive years any member can remember.

    2004 Legislative Achievements
    Led by the Republican majority, the House passed 14 of 16 items on Gov. Sanford's "Checklist for Change"...

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