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Why are SC state Senators not acting like the Majority we elected?
June 26, 2012

Dear Friend,

Our recent Call to Action on delivering tax relief this year is working!  Because of your phone calls and emails, Senators are feeling the pressure.  They are quickly running out of excuses for why our Republican-controlled Senate is not acting like the Republican Majority you elected!

As the House Budget Conference Committee Members continue fighting for tax relief this week, we again need your help and continued vocal support to get the job done. 

It’s no secret (except maybe to some in our state Senate) the more money that stays in the hands of small businesses, instead of the government,  the more resources they will have to grow their business and create new jobs.  And with SC’s unemployment rate climbing back above 9% this month, our businesses need this job-creating relief now. 

Your House Republican Caucus set out this session to help our state's recovering economy grow with a plan to pass job-creating tax relief.  Our plan will slash small business taxes by 40% - cutting their income tax rate from 5% to 3%.  This $60 million tax cut would come out of the $1.3 billion in new revenue our state’s economy generated this year.  But the Senate Budget Conferees are opposed to small businesses keeping more of the money they’ve earned and are insisting that the Senate should be able to spend every penny it can. 

As a taxpayer footing the bill for the Senate’s spending demands, you should be asking, “Why aren’t the Senators acting like the Republican Majority we elected?”  We expect this from Washington Democrats, but not from our Republican-controlled state Senate in Columbia. 

The House Republican Caucus & our Budget Conferees are committed to seeing this tax relief through but we can’t do it alone – We need your help.

Please use the link to this online tool to find your Senator’s contact information and tell them to “Include the House’s small business tax relief plan in the budget today!  Our economy needs the jobs this plan will create!”

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest news on The Speaker’s Facebook Page and The Speaker’s Twitter Feed. Please comment and post your feedback to help us spread this message!

Thank you for continuing to push for reform and staying active in the legislative process.


Bobby Harrell
Speaker, South Carolina House of Representatives

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